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CiplaQCIL to enter the private market in Uganda

As part of CiplaQCIL’s expansion strategy, the company has acquired Quality Chemical Ltd.’s distribution arm…
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A Healthy future ahead for CiplaQCIL

During Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited’s (CiplaQCIL) second annual general meeting (AGM) on 20 August…
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CiplaQCIL ensures availability of lifesaving ARVs in Botswana
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CiplaQCIL manufacture malaria drug in response to government’s Covid-19 request

We make people better and we save lives.

At Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited (CiplaQCIL), we are not mere manufacturers of medication. What we make are memories. Memories that may not have been there to be remembered, had a life not been lived.

We are the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in East Africa and also one of the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), CiplaCQIL is one of the few pharmaceutical manufacturers in SSA to operate a World Health Organization (WHO) cGMP compliant facility that manufactures a range of WHO pre-qualified medicines for treating HIV/AIDS and malaria. We manufacture antiretrovirals, artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) and Hepatitis medicines to treat HIV/AIDS, malaria and Hepatitis.

At CiplaQCIL, we stand by our motto that everyone should have access to lifesaving medication.


For over two decades, we stood by our motto, “None shall be denied”.


High quality and affordable treatments for people suffering from severe malaria.


We have played a significant role in the management of Hepatitis B & C with a wide range of drugs.