Corporate Social Responsbility

Empowering Communities

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty, promote human well-being, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030. Our focus ties in strongly with these goals.

Betty Tiisa Alisalirwa

There’s nothing more important than investing in our youth and their education, which also aligns with our ethos of caring for life. Meet Betty Tiisa Alisalirwa, who captured our hearts at a young age. We’ve been involved in her educational journey from senior 1 to University and now works at CiplaQCIL under the production team.

Do good by doing good

In line with our ethos our caring for life, we support various corporate social responsibility initiatives to help improve people’s lives in the community. CiplaQCIL runs an internship programme, and also trains students from secondary schools within the community.

We also donate medicine to non-governmental organizations to support medical camps in communities where access to treatment and quality healthcare is challenging. We are also one of the leading corporate sponsors of the Mengo Blood Bank in Uganda.

Mengo Blood Bank initiative

According to World Health Organization standards (WHO), Uganda needs at least 350,000 units of safe blood annually. However, the country only collects 250,000 units of blood annually which leaves a deficit of approximately 100,000 units of blood annually. It is upon this background that Rotary Uganda conceived an idea of constructing a blood bank at Mengo Hospital.

The total cost of this project was US$1,103,000 and CiplaQCIL was one of the major contributors towards this cause. Currently, the blood bank meets 12% of the total national blood requirements. The Company continues to support this worthy cause by sponsoring their annual fundraising events, to expand the blood bank and reduce the shortage of blood in Uganda and save lives.

CEO, Nevin Bradford, hands over a donation of food items and water to the Minister of Health, Honourable Dr Jane Ruth, to support the COVID-19 taskforce.

CiplaQCIL Company Pharmacist and Director, Mr Sam Opio, hands over sanitation tools to leaders of the Luzira community. CiplaQCIL donated these items to help promote health and sanitation in the community.